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A&Gadministrative and general expense; also G&A
AACAssociation of Arkansas Counties?
AACoArizona Association of Counties?
AAEEAmerican Academy of Environmental Engineers?
ABPAAmerican Backflow Prevention Association?
ABWRadvanced boiling water nuclear reactor
ACalternating current
ACCair cooled condenser
ACCAAssociation of County Commissions of Alabama?
ACCCEAmerican Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity?
ACCGAssociation County Commissioners of Georgia?
ACCOAssociation of County Commissioners of Oklahoma?
ACEarea control error
ACEAmerican Coalition for Ethanol?
ACECAmerican Council of Engineering Companies?
ACEEEAmerican Council for an Energy Efficient Economy?
ACRE®Action Committee for Rural Electrification? (NRECA)
ACWAAssociation of Clean Water Administrators?
ADAAmericans with Disabilities Act?
AEAAtomic Energy Act?
AEEAssociation of Energy Engineers?
AEICAssociation of Edison Illuminating Companies?
AFCautomatic frequency control
AFUDCallowance for funds used during construction
AICAssociation of Indiana Counties?
AIHAmerican Institute of Hydrology?
AM/FM/GISautomated mapping/facilities management/geographic information system
AMCAssociation of Minnesota Counties?
AMI Advanced Meter Infrastructure?
AMLAlaska Municipal League?
AMRAutomatic Meter Reading?
AMWAAssociation of Metropolitan Water Agencies?
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute?
AOCAssociation of Oregon Counties?
APA Alaska Power Administration
APM ACES Power Marketing?
APPAAmerican Public Power Association
APWAAmerican Public Works Association?
AQCSAir Quality Control System?
AREAArrowhead Regional Emission Abatement Plan?
ARTOAlliance RTO?
ASAAmerican Society of Appraisers?
ASCEAmerican Society of Civil Engineers?
ASD Adjustable Speed Drives?
ASDWAAssociation of State Drinking Water Administrators?
ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers?
ASICAmerican Society of Irrigation Consultants?
ASMAmerican Society for Microbiology?
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers?
ASPAAmerican Society for Public Administration?
ASTM American Society for Testing & Materials?
ATC Available Transmission Transfer Capability
AVS Antelope Valley Station?
AWRAAmerican Water Resources Association?
AWTAssociation of Water Technologies?


BACT Best Available Control Technology
BANANAbuild absolutely nothing anywhere near anything
BART Best Available Retrofit Technology
BC Bank for Cooperatives
BEPC Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Bismarck? ND
Bcf one billion cubic feet
BHPBlack Hills Power?
BIL basic lightning impulse insulation level
BNSF Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway?
BPA Bonneville Power Administration?
BSC Bismarck State College?
BSL basic switching impluse insulation level
BTU British Thermal Unit
BWR boiling water nuclear reactor


C&RE Conservation and Renewable Energy Program? (Western)
CAA Clean Air Act?
CAAAClean Air Act Amendement? (1990)
CAIDICustomer Average Interruption Duration Index?
CA ISO California ISO?
CAIR Clean Air Interstate Rule?
CAMR Clean Air Mercury Rule?
CAMU Colorado Association of Municipal Utilities?
CBM coalbed methane
CBO Congressional Budget Office?
CBPCCorn Belt Power Cooperative, IA?
CC combined cycle power plant
CCAOCounty Commissioners Association of Ohio?
CCAPCounty Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania?
CCAWVCounty Commissioners' Association of West Virginia?
CCCCertified Cooperative Communicator?
CCD Credentialed Cooperative Director?
CCIColorado Counties, Inc.?
CCPCCanadian Clean Power Coalition?
CCPI Clean Coal Power Initiative?
CCS carbon capture and storage
CDD/HDD cooling degree day/heating degree day
CEA Canadian Electrical Association?
CEEDCenter for Energy & Economic Development; changed to American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) in 2008
CEM continuous stack emission monitoring (EPA)
CEPSClean Energy Portfolio Standards?
CFB circulating fluidized bed
CFC National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation
CFL compact fluorescent lightbulb
CIChlorine Institute Inc.?
CIGRE International Conference on Large High Voltage Electric Systems
CMEPC Central Montana Electric Power Cooperative? MT
CMRTO Crescent Moon Regional Transmission Organization? (2000)
COE Army Corps of Engineers?
COOPcooperative utility
COP coefficient of performance; efficiency
COU consumer-owned utility
CP Cooperative Power? MN (merged to form GRE)
CPSS Center for Power System Studies (SDSU)
CREA Colorado Rural Electric Association?
CREB Clean Renewable Energy Bond?
CREC Council of Rural Electric Communicators?
CRC Cooperative Response Center?
CREDA Colorado River Energy Distributors Association?
CRN Cooperative Research Network?
CRSPColorado River Storage Project Management Center?
CSACounty Supervisors Association of Arizona?
CSACCalifornia State Association of Counties?
CSMACustomer Satisfaction Measurement Benchmarking Association?
CSR Customer Service Region? (Western)
CSU Colorado Springs Utilities?
CT Current Transformer?; combustion turbine?
CTCCompetitive Transition Charge?
CTG Combustion Turbine Generator?
CUREConsumers United for Rail Equity?
CUS Common Use System?
CWIPConstruction Work In Progress


DC Direct Current?
DCC Dakota Coal Company?
DEC Diversified Energy Company?
DEEDDemonstration of Energy Efficient Developments? (APPA)
DFS Dry Fork Station?
DG Distributed Generation? or dispersed
DGCDakota Gasification Company?
DISCO electric distribution company
DM&E Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railroad?
DOE Department of Energy? (1977)
DSM demand-side management
DSTAR Desert Star RTO?


EA Environmental Assessment? (federal)
EAAEnvironmental Assessment Association?
ECA electrical cost adjustment
ECAREast Central Reliability Coordination (RRC)
ECE Electric Council for the Economy?
ECPAElectric Consumers Protection Act? (1986)
EEI Edison Electric Institute? (IOUs)
EERenergy efficiency ratio
EERC Energy and Environmental Research Center?
EERE U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
EGA Electric Generation Association?
EGS electric generation supplier
EHV Extra High Voltage?
EIA Energy Information Administration?
EIC Electric Information Council?
EIS Environmental Impact Statement?
ELCON Electric Consumers Resource Council?
EMF electric and magnetic fields
EMS energy management system
EPA Environmental Protection Agency?
EPAct Energy Policy Act? (2005)
EPAMPEnergy Planning and Management Program? (Western)
EPRI Electric Power Research Institute?
ERCOTElectric Reliability Council of Texas? (RRC)
ERDA Energy Research and Development Administration?
EREPC East River Electric Power Cooperative? SD
ESA Energy Storage Association?
ESCO energy service company
ETS electric thermal storage
EUI electric utility industry
EV Electric Vehicle?
EVAA Electric Vehicle Association of the Americas?
EWG exempt wholesale generator (EPAct)


FACFlorida Association of Counties?
FASB Financial Accounting Standards Board?
FCA Flood Control Act? (1944)
FCC Federal Communications Commission
FCCG Fuel Cell Commercialization Group?
FERC Federal Energy Regulatory Commission?
FFB Federal Financing Bank?
FGD Flue Gas Desulfurization?
FOA fan/oil/air cooled
FONSI Finding of No Significant Impact? statement
FPA Federal Power Act? (1935)
FPPA Fort Peck Project Act? (1938)
FRA Federal Railroad Administration?
FRCC Florida Reliability Coordinating Council? (RRC)
FREIC Federated Rural Electric Insurance Corporation?
FRPC Front Range Power Company?
FTE Full Time Equivalent Personnel? (federal)
FWPA Federal Water Power Act? (1920)


G&T generation and transmission utility
GAO Government Accountability Office?
GASBGovernmental Accounting Standards Board?
GCC Global Climate Coalition?
GCBAAGolf Course Builders Association of America?
GCSAAGolf Course Superintendents Association of America?
GENCO electric generation company
GFCI Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter?
GFRTOGridFlorida RTO? (Florida Transco)
GIS Geographic Information System?
GLECA Great Lakes Electric Consumers Association?
GOTRAC Growth Opportunities Through Rail Access Coalition?
GPS Global Positioning System?
GPSPGreat Plains Synfuels Plant? (Synfuels Plant)
GRE Great River Energy? MN (merger of CP & UPA)
GSRTO GridSouth RTO?
GT Gas Turbine?
GW gigawatt (1,000,000,000 watts)
GWh gigawatt-hour
GWPCGround Water Protection Council?


HCPD Heartland Consumers Power District? SD
hp horsepower
HV High Voltage?
HZ Hertz? (cycles per second)


IAAOInternational Association of Assessing Officers?
IACIdaho Association of Counties?
IACBMCIllinois Association of County Board Members and Commissioners?
IADG Iowa Area Development Group?
IAEC Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives?
IAEMInternational Association of Emergency Managers?
IAFCInternational Association of Fire Chiefs?
IAMU Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities?
ICE Informed Citizens for the Environment?
ICC Interstate Commerce Commission?
ICPAIntermountain Consumer Power Association?
IDR Issuer Default Rating?
IEEEInstitute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers?
IEG Iowa Environmental Group?
IESNA Illuminating Engineering Society of North America?
IGCC integrated gasification combined cycle
IGFC integrated gasification fuel cell
IGSHPA International Ground Source Heat Pump Association?
IMG Iowa Marketing Group?
IMO Independent Electric Market Organization of Ontario?
IOS integrated operations services
IOU Investor-Owned Utility?
IPCCInternational Panel on Climate Change?
IPEPInstitute of Professional Environmental Practice?
IPP Inland Power Pool?
IPP independent power producer (PURPA)
IRP integrated resources planning
IS integrated system
ISACIowa State Association of Counties?
ISCIndustrial Siting Commission?
ISO Independent Transmission System Operator?
ISO MOU ISO Memorandum of Understanding (PJM, NYISO, ISO NE, & IL)
ISO NE USI New England?
ISUB Iowa State Utilities Board?
ITA independent transmission agent; independent tariff administration; integrated transmission agreement
ITC independent transmission company
ITC investment tax credit
IUC integrated utility company


JAA joint action agency
JOA joint operating agreement


KACKansas Association of Counties?
KACoKentucky Association of Counties?
kbps kilobits per second
kV kilovolt (1,000 volts)
kVa kilovolt-amperes
kW kilowatt (1,000 watts)
kWh kilowatt-hour (energy)


LAER lowest achievable air emissions rate
LCP least cost planning
LDC local distribution company
LEC Lignite Energy Council?
LED light-emitting diode
LES Lincoln Electric System? NE
LFC load frequency control
LMP locational marginal pricing
LNG Liquefied Natural Gas?
LOLPloss of load probability
LOPCLandO Power Cooperative? IA
LOS Leland Olds Station?
LPPC Large Public Power Council?
LRS Laramie River Station?
LTC Load Tap Changer?


M/KWH mills/kilowatt hour (1/10 cent/KWH)
MAAC Mid-Atlantic Area Council? (see PJM)
MACMichigan Association of Counties?
MACMissouri Association of Counties?
MACCAMMaine Association of County Clerks, Administrators and Managers?
MACoMaryland Association of Counties?
MACoMontana Association of Counties?
MAIN Mid-America Interconnected Network?
MAMUMissouri Association of Municipal Utilities?
MAPP Mid-Continent Area Power Pool?
MASMississippi Association of Supervisors?
MBMECA Missouri Basin Municipal Electric Cooperative Association? IA
MBPP Missouri Basin Power Project? (1971)
MBSG Missouri Basin Systems Group? (merged w/MECA in 1999)
Mcf one thousand cubic feet
MDUMontana-Dakota Utilities? ND
MEANMunicipal Energy Agency of Nebraska? NE
MEC Mid-American Energy Company?
MECAMontana Electric Cooperatives Association?
MECAMid-West Electric Consumers Association?
MEEEMinnesotans for an Energy Efficient Economy?
MEMCDCMaine Emergency Management County Director’s Council?
MGCMMunicipal Gas Commission of Missouri?
MHD magnetohydrodynamic
MHEBManitoba Hydroelectric Board?
MHEBManitoba Hydro Electric Board?
MIP Member Investment Program
MISOMidwest Independent System Operator?
MJMEUCMissouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission?
MMU Marshall Municipal Utilities? MN
MMUAMinnesota Municipal Utilities Association?
MOM Missouri River Master Water Control (operating) Manual (COE)
MoPEPMissouri Public Energy Pool?
MPC Minnkota Power Cooperative? MN
MPCAMinnesota Pollution Control Agency?
MPUAMissouri Public Utility Alliance
MPUCMinnesota Public Utilities Commission?
MPWCMissouri Public Water Council and Environmental Services?
MR&I municipal, rural and industrial water
MRBA Missouri River Basin Association?
MREA Minnesota Rural Electric Association?
MRES Missouri River Energy Services? SD (formerly MBMPA)
MRO Midwest Reliability Organization?
MSAMaine Sheriffs' Association?
MTBEmethyl tertiary butyl ether
MUNIMunicipal Utility?
MVA megavolt-amperes (power)
MW megawatt (1,000,000 watts)
MWh megawatt-hour (1,000 KHW)


NAAQS National Ambient Air Quality Standards?
NABCONational Association of Black County Officials?
NACANational Association of County Administrators?
NACAPNational Association of County Aging Programs?
NACBHDDNational Association of County Behavioral Health and Developmental Disability Directors?
NACCANational Association of County Civil Attorneys?
NACCEDNational Association for County Community and Economic Development?
NACCHONational Association of County and City Health Officials?
NACCTFONational Association of County Collectors, Treasurers and Finance Officers?
NACDNational Association of Conservation Districts?
NACENational Association of County Engineers?
NACHFaNational Association of County Health Facilities?
NACHSANational Association of County Human Services Administrators?
NACIONational Association of County Information Officers?
NACIRONational Association of County Intergovernmental Relation Officials?
NACoNational Association of Counties?
NACONebraska Association of County Officials?
NACONevada Association of Counties?
NACPNational Association of County Planners?
NACPRONational Association of County Park and Recreation Officials?
NACRCNational Association of County Recorders, Election Officials and Clerks?
NACSNational Association of County Surveyors?
NACWANational Association of Clean Water Agencies?
NAEHPA North American Electric Heat Pump Alliance?
NAEPNational Association of Environmental Professionals?
NAERO North American Electric Reliability Organization? (successor to NERC)
NAHCONational Association of Hispanic County Officials?
NALBOHNational Association of Local Boards of Health?
NAPFNational Association of Pipe Fabricators?
NARUC National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners?
NAVPLGNational Association of Volunteer Programs in Local Government?
NAWCNational Association of Water Companies?
NCACCNorth Carolina Association of County Commissioners?
NCCAENational Council of County Association Executives?
NCEA North Central Electric Association?
NCRCONational Conference of Republican County Officials?
NCRECNorth Central Research Extension Center?
NCSC National Cooperative Services Corporation?
NCSENational Council for Science and the Environment?
NDACoNorth Dakota Association of Counties?
NDAMPSNorth Dakota Association of Municipal Power Systems?
NDARECNorth Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives?
NDC National Development Council?
NDCONational Democratic County Officials?
NDMPA North Dakota Municipal Power Agency? ND
NDPSC North Dakota Public Service Commission?
NEC National Electric Code? (ANSI/NFPA)
NEF National Energy Foundation?
NEGTC Nebraska Electric G&T Cooperative? NE
NEMA National Electric Manufacturers Association?
NERC North American Electric Reliability Council? (to be replaced by NAERO)
NERTO New England RTO?
NESARC National Endangered Species Act Reform Coalition?
NESC National Electric Safety Code? (ANSI/IEEE)
NETL ational Energy Technology Laboratory?
NFEC National Food and Energy Council?
NFMANational Federation of Municipal Analysts?
NFPANational Fire Protection Association?
NGWANational Ground Water Association?
NIEP National Independent Energy Producers?
NIMBY not in my back yard
NIPCO Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative? IA
NIWRNational Institutes for Water Resources?
NJACNew Jersey Association of Counties?
NLCNational League of Cities?
NMACNew Mexico Association of Counties?
NMPP Nebraska Municipal Power Pool?
NOBCONational Organization of Black County Officials?
NOPR Notice of Proposed Rulemaking? (FERC)
NOV Notice of Violation?
NPA Nebraska Power Association?
NPCC Northeast Power Coordinating Council? (RRC)
NPCC National Preference Customer Committee?
NPPD Nebraska Public Power District? NE
NPRB Nebraska Power Review Board?
NPSC Nebraska Public Service Commission?
NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission?
NRCONational Renewables Cooperative Organization?
NREA Nebraska Rural Electric Association?
NRECA National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
NREL National Renewable Energy Laboratory? (1992)
NREVACNon-Road Elect Vehicles Applications Consortium?
NRHN National Rural Health Network?
NRPANational Recreation and Park Association
NRTC National Rural Telephone Cooperative?
NRWANational Rural Water Association
NSPENational Society of Professional Engineers?
NSPS new source performance standards (EPA)
NSR New Source Review
NTCANational Telephone Cooperative Association?
NUG non-utility generator
NUTSEA National Utility Training and Safety Education Association?
NWANational Workforce Association?
NWPPA Northwest Public Power Association?
NWPS Northwestern Public Service? SD
NWRANational Water Resources Association?
NYPP New York Power Pool?
NYSACNew York State Association of Counties?


O&M operations and maintenance
OA oil/air cooled
OASIS open access sure-time transmission information system; RIN
OCR oil circuit recloser
OFA over-fired air
OM&R operations, maintenance and replacement
OMB Office of Management and Budget?
OPPDOmaha Public Power District? NE
OSHAOccupational Safety and Health Administration
OTP Otter Tail Power Company?


PAC Powdered Activated Carbon
PC subcritical pulverized coal
PCA power cost adjustment
PCB polychlorinated biphenyl
PCCAPower and Communication Contractors Association?
PCORPlains CO2 Reduction Partnership?
PE licensed Professional Engineer?
PFBC pressurized fluidized-bed combustion
PFN Public Finance Network?
PHEVplug-in hybrid electric vehicle
PJALPolice Jury Association of Louisiana?
PJM Pennsylvania-Jersey-Maryland Interconnection?
PMA power marketing administration (eg. Western)
PMI Power Marketing Initiative (Western)
POOLCO alternative power pool
POWERPAC APPA Political Action Committee))
PPD/PUD Public Power District /((Public Utility District?
PPDC Public Power Development Corporation?
PRB Powder River Basin?
PRECorp Powder River Energy Corporation?
PRPA Platt River Power Authority?
PRS annual power repayment study (Western)
PRWCMT Platte River Whooping Crane Maintenance Trust?
PSC Public Service Commission?
PSCOPublic Service Company of Colorado?
PSD Prevention of Significant Deterioration?
PS&Ipreliminary survey and investigation costs
PT Potential Transformer? (Voltage)
PTCproduction tax credit
PUCPublic Utility Commission?
PUCSC Public Utilities Commission of the State of Colorado?
PUHCA Public Utilities Holding Company Act? (1935)
PURPA Public Utilities Regulatory Policies Act? (1978)
PV photovoltaic
PWRpressurized water nuclear reactor


QA/QC Quality Assurance? / Quality Control?
QF qualifying facility (PURPA)


RA Reclamation Act? (1902)
RATA Relative Accuracy Testing Audit?
RBCS Rural Business-Cooperative Service?
RDF refuse-derived fuel
REA Rural Electrification Administration? (1935 - 1994)
REA Rural Electrification Act? (1936)
REC Rural Electric Cooperative?
REMC rural electric membership corporation
REMDC Rural Electric Management Development Council?
REPC Rushmore Electric Power Cooperative? SD
RER Rural Electric Research (NRECA)
RERC Rural Electricity Resource Council?
RESMA Rural Electric Statewide Manager Association?
RIN real-time information network; OASIS
RMCMI Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute?
RMEL Rocky Mountain Electrical League?
RMGC Rocky Mountain Generation Cooperation?
RMPP Rocky Mountain Power Pool?
RMRG Rocky Mountain Reserve Group?
RMW Rushmore West?
RNRFRenewable Natural Resources Foundation?
ROI Return On Investment?
RPA Reclamation Project Act? (1939)
RPS Renewable Portfolio Standards?
RRC Regional Reliability Council? (eg. MAPP)
RTE Regional Transmission Entity?
RTG Regional Transmission Group?
RTO Regional Transmission Organization?
RTU remote terminal unit
RUS Rural Utilities Service? (1994)


SAIDI System Average Interruption Duration Index
SAIFI System Average Interruption Frequency Index
SCACSouth Carolina Association of Counties?
SCADA Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition?
SCPC supercritical pulverized coal
SDACCSouth Dakota Association of County Commissioners?
SDMEA South Dakota Municipal Electric Association?
SDMPA South Dakota Municipal Power Agency? SD
SDPUC South Dakota Public Utilities Commission?
SDREA South Dakota Rural Electric Association?
SEA sorbent enhancement additives
SEER seasonal energy efficiency rating
SEIA Solar Energy Industries Association?
SEPA Southeastern Power Administration?
SERC Southeastern Electric Reliability Council? (RRC)
SIP State Implementation Plan?
SMMPA Southern Minnestoa Municipal Power Agency? MN
SMS Spirit Mound Station?
SNG Synthetic Natural Gas?
SOC soil organic carbon
SPC Saskatchewan Power Corporation?
SPEC Sunflower Electric Power Cooperative? KS
SPLAN strategic planning
SPP Southwest Power Pool? (RRC)
STB Surface Transportation Board?
SVC static var control
SWPA Southwestern Power Administration
SWPRA Southwestern Power Resources Association?


T&D Transmission and Distribution?
TACTexas Association of Counties?
TAPS Transmission Access Policy Study Group
TCSATennessee County Services Association?
TDU transmission dependent utility))
TEC The Electrification Council?
TIA Territorial Integrity Act?
TMDL Total Maximum Daily Load?
TPM third party marketer
TRANSCO transmission company
TSGTA Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association?
TSM Transmission Systems Maintenance?
TSNW Tri-State Nebraska west?
TTC total transmission transfer capability
TTWWAD that's the way we've always done it
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority?


UACUtah Association of Counties?
UARG Utility Air Regulatory Group?
UBECA United BioEnergy Commercialization Association?
UBG Utility Battery Group?
UCETF Urban Consortium Energy Task Force?
UDC utility distribution company
UHV Ultra-High Voltage?
UMGTEC Upper Missouri GandT Electric Cooperative? MT
UP Utility Plus? MN
UPA United Power Association? MN (merged to form GRE)
UPC utility parent company
UPS uninterrupted power supply
UPVG Utility Photovoltaic Group?
URD underground residential distribution
URRA Utility Renewable Resources Association?
USABC US Advanced Battery Consortium?
USBR US Bureau of Reclamation? (1902); also BOR
USCEA US Council for Energy Awareness?
USCPC ultra-supercritical pulverized coal
USDA US Department of Agriculture?
USDA-RDUS Department of Agriculture - Rural Development?
USEA US Energy Association?
USEIA U.S. Energy Information Administration?
UST underground storage tank
USWAG Utility Solid Waste Activities Group?
UTC Utility Telecommunications Council?
UWAG Utility Water Act Group?
UWIG Utility Wind Interest Group?


V Volt?
VA Volt-Ampere?
VACoVirginia Association of Counties?
VMAValve Manufacturers Association of America?


WACM Western Area Colorado Missouri Control Area?
WACOWashington Association of County Officials?
WAFB Warren Air Force Base?
WALC ((Western Area Lower Colorado
WAPA Western Area Power Administration? CO
WAPA Western Area Power Administration? (1977)
WCAWisconsin Counties Association?
WCCAWyoming County Commissioners' Association?
WEFWater Environment Federation
WFA Western Fuels Association?
Wh Watt-Hour?
WIA Wyoming Infrastructure Authority?
WMMPA Western Minnesota Municipal Power Agency? MN
WMPA Wyoming Municipal Power Agency? WY
WONWomen of NACo Leadership Network?
WPEC West Plains Electric Cooperative?
WPP Western Power Producers?
WPSC Wyoming Public Service Commission?
WQAWater Quality Association?
WQCC Water Quality Control Commission?
WREA Wyoming Rural Electric Association?
WSACWashington State Association of Counties?
WSCC Western Systems Coordinating Council?
WSPC Western States Power Corporation?
WSWPCC Western States Water and Power Consumers Conference?
WUBAWater Utility Benchmarking Association?
WVACOWest Virginia Association of Counties?
WWEMAWater and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association?


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